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Victoria's Landmark Developers.

New from acclaimed developers Murray Farmer, Terry Farmer and Brian Scroggs is The Pearl, slated for construction on a property the Farmer family group has owned for almost 40 years. Established in 1951, Farmer Construction is one of Victoria’s most distinguished construction companies, with a legacy of projects that includes some of the region’s most notable buildings. Inspired by an ancient Chinese legend, The Pearl promises to take its place as another Victoria landmark.

Visionary Architects
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D’AMBROSIO architecture + urbanism is an award-winning practice in architecture, research, planning and urban design.

Since 1991, DAU has provided professional services in Victoria and Vancouver Island and beyond. Their work uses proven design principles as well as original design thinking to build for both public and private clients. DAU strives to make architecture and urban projects that are beautiful, meaningful and long-lasting, emphasizing long-term fit of the designs within their purpose, place, ecology and cultural context.


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